Dog training

Dog Behaviour Analysis

Dogs are individuals and they reflect your own behaviour traits. 


To change your dog's behaviour,  it is necessary to first understand the roots of your dog’s behavioural patterns.


We will analyse the triangular relationship between you, your dog and the environment. Only then do we get the complete picture.



Personal Dog Training Program

Your individual dog-man-environment relationship determines your personal training program.

It will be aligned with your own, your family's and your dog's personality and adjusted to your everyday life routine and requirements.

 We will set realistic objectives to obtain satisfactory results without frustrations. 

Follow-Up Sessions

We will work together on your skills to follow through with the training program. 

You will strengthen your dog-man relationship through daily exercises and routines and we will progress together as we meet for regular follow-up sessions. 


Tel: +971 50 533 0142

Available in the following areas in the United Arab Emirates:

Abu Dhabi

Al Ain


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