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Online Training

There is a great number of dog training and behaviour related issues that can be discussed and addressed via online training consultations and below you can see our most popular subjects: 

Puppy Preparation

This consultation helps prepare you and your family for your new arrival. 

It addresses important preparation points such as the correct set up at home and how to implement a structure from Day 1 for successful toilet training.  It covers successful socialisation, crucial for your puppy’s personality development. In addition, what supplies to get in advance, what to expect in general, as well as what to do on the first few days of your puppy’s arrival.  We also guide you on how to adjust your household’s routines, how to prepare your kids, as well as how to prepare yourselves!  

There’s also a chance for Q& A for any general questions that you have.

new Puppy/Dog

This all rounder consultation helps you and your puppy/dog get immediately settled into the right habits and it can involve the whole family too, adults and kids!

We give advice and guidance on tackling the most common issues such as toilet training, biting/nipping, productive playtime between family members and puppy, having the correct set up/routine at home and socialisation.  

SOS Functional Behaviour Analysis

Is your dog anxious, stressed, scared or aggressive and you need urgent help?


We can get started together by collecting the necessary information about your dog and the existing challenges that you are facing, analysing and interpreting the same and finally instructing you on immediate management options.


The second step of an SOS Online Consultation will be a face-to-face follow-up consultation.

Dogs & New Pets

You got a new pet like a kitten or a new dog and are unsure on how to introduce them efficiently?


This consultation will give you insights on a few key rules that will make your life easier and avoid chaos in the house! This will help you ensure a smooth first encounter of your pets and a positive start into a new rewarding relationship.

Canine Nutrition

We will discuss your dog’s overall lifestyle, diet and feeding habits. This will allow us to adjust your dog's diet, work together on a more suitable feeding schedule and provide you with lot's of wholesome recipes that will enrich your furry friend's lifestyle. 

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