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Thinking of getting a dog? Thinking is how you get it right

Distressing though the recent Dubai Pet Show incident was, many dog owners vouch that with sensible precautions and sufficient forward planning, a dog can make a welcome addition to family life.

New research poses deep questions about the way we treat the creatures around us

Check out the latest findings on dog behaviour...

Interesting insight...

Book Recommendations:

Man Meets Dog, by Konrad old classic which is slightly outdated but still worth while reading!

On Talking Terms with Dogs: Calming Signals, by Turid better way to get to understand your dog's language!

Dog Language: An Encyclopedia of Canine Behaviour, by Roger Abrantes...belongs on every dog behaviourist's desk! 

Der Mensch im Tier, by Norbert Sachser...amazing insights into the latest research on dog behaviour and cognition! German only!

Hund & Mensch: Das Geheimnis unserer Seelenverwandschaft, by Kurt Kotrschal...fascinating book about the connection between dogs and humans and it's evolution! German only!

Useful Links

Veterinary Clinics:

British Veterinary Clinic

American Veterinary Clinic


Pet Rescue:

Saluki International Rescue

K9 Friends


Dubai Petstore

Pet's Delight


Rory's Apawthecary


Vera Schmidt Illustrations

We have been very lucky to have one of Germany's most popular illustrators on board to make Dogversation look fun and funky! 

Suhail Jashanmal

Suhail has accompanied Dogversation from it's very beginning with his extraordinary and unique creative input! 

Hans Schlegel 

Hans inspired me to become a dog behaviourist and has been my tutor since! He enlightened me when it came to connecting with dogs or the universe in general...

Dogversation has had the pleasure to cooperate with Thomas Baumgaertner from Flying Dogs in Austria, in the field of professional agility training and we hope for a fruitful and long-lasting relationship! 

Atn-AG Academy

I can only recommend this leading German-speaking institution for ethology and animal psychology in Switzerland. Their courses emerge from the latest and most updated scientific research in the field of animal psychology. 

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