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Teamwork is key to success!

Only recently (late 1990s), there has been a new momentum of dogs in comparative cognition research which has led to innovative insights into canine behaviour. At Dogversation, we integrate those latest findings into our training methodology.


What does this mean with regards to our training methods in particular?


Dogs learn best in a positive and safe environment! Why focus on their flaws with frustration instead of rewarding their best behaviour while having fun and strengthening our mutual relationship? Why not pick up on our dog’s impressive social competence instead of constantly fighting their natural instincts?


During our private training sessions we will show you the way to a balanced relationship between you and your dog based on mutual trust and respect.


Puppy Development

Welcoming a new puppy to your household, can be an exciting and overwhelming experience all at the same time! Don’t worry and be happy, this is perfectly normal and for sure your puppy feels the same way too! We can help you get settled and put you on the right track on how to implement the best routine and structure for your puppy and your existing family.


Dog Enrichment

Would you like your four-legged friend to be obedient, happy and balanced? If your answer is yes, then you need to meet his needs first! The magic formula is (by priority!) Exercise, Discipline & Affection. Dog Enrichment is all about exercise which can be physical or mental or ideally, a combination of both! Each dog is different and has different needs and preferences! Let us help you find the best enrichment solutions for your dog, discover the magic of having fun together and ultimately, achieve a balanced dog-man relationship! This part of dog training is for fun lovers!


Boarding & Training

Are you travelling, busy or just overwhelmed? We can lend a paw by boarding and training your furry friend for you! He will be integrated into our “family pack” experiencing everyday life situations, adapt to our house rules and join the social walks.


Obedience Training

Obedience training is the more technical side of dog training which helps you take control of your dog in everyday situations. 


Self-discipline, consistency and endurance will determine your dogs obedience and I can work with you to learn the most efficient techniques for satisfying results. 


Canine Nutrition

The statement “you are what you eat”, doesn’t only apply to humans but also to our canine friends! Current studies indicate that there is strong reason to re-think how we would traditionally feed our dogs. For those owners that are interested in shifting to a more natural food offering for their puppies or dogs, we can help you start in the right direction.   In addition, we can ensure you are creating the best structure, routine and feeding habits for your canine friend.


Dog Walking

The right amount of exercise is crucial for your dog to be happy and balanced. Keep in mind that not only the quantity counts but also the quality! We will ensure that the walks will be in line with your current training plan, promote socialization and adapt to your dog’s current needs.


Behaviour Modification

Some dogs might show unwanted or disturbing behaviour such as excessive excitability, barking, licking, separation anxiety or aggressive interaction with other dogs, pets or people.


Those problems might have developed slowly over time or suddenly surface and they can be linked to bad socialisation, chronic exposure to stress factors, a traumatic experience, pe-disposition (genetics} or most likely a combination of these factors.

What is crucial here, is to understand the root of the problem before applying any kind of measures.  

Back view of dog talking to dog friends

Online Training

This type of consultation can be an easy and comfortable way to address a number of challenges that you may be facing with your dog. It might also be a good interim solution to an urgent problem. At the same time, it is important to keep in mind, that this might not be the appropriate approach for a number of problematic dog behaviour issues, due to the lack of direct contact with owner and dog limiting the amount and quality of information that we may obtain. Therefore, we will decide individually, depending on the issues at hand, if such approach is advisable.

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