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Obedience training

Our objective is to convey to our clients the most efficient training methods to keep our dog-man teams motivated and successful! Latest research shows, that evoking a POSITIVE EMOTIONAL RESPONSE is key when training our furry friends. Therefore, our training methods are based on positive reinforcement opposed to punishment. In other words, we reward good and ditch bad behaviour!

Everyday Basics

It is important for your four-legged friend to learn and respect our ‘human’ rules to be able to safely navigate everyday life situations. Commands such as sit, down and stay, the ability to walk your dog comfortably on a leash without pulling and the possibility to call him back on command will make your dog-man relationship much more enjoyable and rewarding!

Advanced Obedience

You have already build a solid training base, and you are looking for new challenges? We can help you improve your commands by adding speed and precision, learn new useful commands such as ‘heel’ or initiate radius training for a better off-leash experience. There is always space for improvement!

Clicker Training

Would you like your training experience to be fun and efficient at the same time? Clicker Training allows you to reward your dog at the right time in the right way…A great way to improve communication and teamwork!

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