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Puppy Development

Puppy Selection / Pre-Arrival Consultation

Thinking of getting a puppy but you are not sure which dog type or breed would suit you and your family? Do you need advice regarding where to adopt or buy a healthy puppy?

Or you already selected a puppy and you would like to get everything ready prior to his arrival? Start on the right paw with a first consultation and ask us all the questions that you have on your mind! There is a lot to discuss and prepare before your new furry friend will move in and we promise to save you a headache and a few sleepless nights…


Your puppy needs to learn how to cope with everyday life situations such as family life, new encounters with people including kids, dogs and other pets, walks in different areas, car drives, vet visits etc. Those experiences lay the foundation for your puppy to become a confident, fearless, calm and balanced dog. We will walk you through this process which represents the most sensitive and crucial time of a dog’s lifetime. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to put your pup on the right track!

House & Toilet Training

Let’s admit it, this process can be more challenging than expected! Once we get your individual set-up and procedure right, you are good to go!

Basic Obedience

Your puppy is ready to learn sit, down, stay or fetch and more…Let us show you how he can take his first steps associating training with a positive emotional response!

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