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Dog Enrichment

Nose Work

Nose work is not only great fun for dogs and their owners, it has also proven to have a calming and balancing effect on our canine friends. As it stimulates your dog’s natural instincts, it is an excellent way to counterbalance everyday stress and frustration. It can also be an interesting indoor activity for the hot summer months or if your dog has limited access to the outdoors.  



This sport is all about teamwork! While it offers plenty of exercise, it will help fine tune coordination and team building skills.

Purebred active black and white parson r


It is a known method to train horses which has successfully been adapted for dog training. Longing focuses on slow, coordinated and cooperative team work with your dog. It is the ideal way to optimize the control over your dog from a distance and has also proofed to be an efficient therapeutic method to re-socialize dogs or treat aggressive behaviour.



If you are looking for some fun and your dog is already well behaved, teaching your dog new tricks will help maintaining a good training level while keeping you and your dog mentally fit. It is also a fun way to strengthen the bond between kids and their four-legged friend and nurture cooperation between them.

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