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Dr. Jonathan Hale

Clinical Director, British Veterinary Centre

We knew Sonja as one of our clients before she left Abu Dhabi to go to Switzerland to get her dog training diploma. Once she came back, we were very interested to hear about her dog training philosophy which is based upon the mutual understanding of a dog and his owner.


As many of our clients needed help with training their dogs, we started to recommend Sonja as a dog behaviourist and trainer and we are extremely happy with the great feedback that we get from everyone.


Sonja has now become a friend and partner to our clinic and when it comes to behavioural issues, we always seek Sonja’s advice and work together with her to solve many of our client’s challenges with their dogs.



A dog is for life - and that's the way I train, with the complete picture in mind! 

My professional career in this domain started as I embarked upon a six month intensive in-house training with one of the world's most respected dog trainers, Hans Schlegel, in Switzerland. He runs training programs for police forces in the US, Korea and most European countries while most of his work includes training family pets. He is now known as the Swiss Dog Whisperer, based on his ability to communicate with them through just movement and motion, working with animal energy. 

In the year of 2009, I obtained my diplomas in the fields of family dog & puppy training, dog behaviour analysis and training of dogs showing unwanted hunting behaviour.

I have since then been working with a large number of individual dog-man teams throughout the U.A.E., Germany and the U.S. to bridge the communication divide between canines and their owners. 

I specialise in Social Learning, Obedience Training and Behavioural Modification


Dog training

Dog Behaviour Analysis

Dogs are individuals and they reflect your own behaviour traits. 


To change your dog's behaviour,  it is necessary to first understand the roots of your dog’s behavioural patterns.


We will analyse the triangular relationship between you, your dog and the environment. Only then do we get the complete picture.



Personal Dog Training Program

Your individual dog-man-environment relationship determines your personal training program.

It will be aligned with your own, your family's and your dog's personality and adjusted to your everyday life routine and requirements.

 We will set realistic objectives to obtain satisfactory results without frustrations. 

Follow-Up Sessions

We will work together on your skills to follow through with the training program. 

You will strengthen your dog-man relationship through daily exercises and routines and we will progress together as we meet for regular follow-up sessions. 

My Approach

Social Learning

Social Learning is about establishing a balanced relationship between you and your dog  which is based on respect and trust. 

This relationship goes deeper than feeding your dog treats to impose obedience. Discipline, exercise and affection are much more effective. 

The problem with tangible rewards as a means of training dogs, is that as soon as the treat is withdrawn, the animal stops listening.

You need to earn your dogs' loyalty and obedience by interacting with them competently, dealing with your own personal strengths and weaknesses and opening yourself up to your dog. 

I will guide you through this process to build a long lasting bond between you and your dog which will be the basis for any future training. 

Obedience Training

Obedience training is the more technical side of dog training which helps you take control of your dog in everyday situations. 


Self-discipline, consistency and endurance will determine your dogs obedience and I can work with you to learn the most efficient techniques for satisfying results. 

Everyday basics include:


  • House training

  • Sit & Down until released from the command

  • Comfortably walking on the leash without pulling

  • Safely walking off the leash

  • Fetch

Behaviour Modification

Some dogs have developed behaviour problems such as anxiety, excessive excitability, excessive barking and even aggression towards other dogs, pets or humans. 

Those problems might have developed slowly over time or suddenly surface and they can be linked to bad socialisation, a traumatic experience, genetics or most likely a combination of these factors.

What is crucial here, is to understand the root of the problem before applying any kind of training. 

After conducting a professional dog behaviour analysis, I will work with you on a personal training program to help you and your dog cope with everyday life situations. 


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